BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Butter’ Jacket Preview Clip - j-hope

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  1. 김미금

    김미금3 години таму


  2. 박하연

    박하연3 години таму

    은색 덮홉도 좋은데 뒤에 저 사탕머리는 머야ㅠ 너무 귀엽잖아..

  3. yanina Martinez

    yanina Martinez3 години таму


  4. 6.BDanna salome sanchez Martinez

    6.BDanna salome sanchez Martinez4 години таму

  5. Park_jimin Bts

    Park_jimin Bts4 години таму

    Hermoso,presiosos bello cute,mi solesito💜🌸

  6. Daniele Mota

    Daniele Mota4 години таму


  7. 심민서

    심민서5 годин таму

    호비호비 제이홉오빠! 멋있어요!

  8. Franciele Carla

    Franciele Carla5 годин таму


  9. armyツforaver°-°  ISTP

    armyツforaver°-° ISTP6 годин таму

    J-Hope I adore you and I love you adore you

  10. Kawaii sparkles♡♡  :D

    Kawaii sparkles♡♡ :D6 годин таму

    Do you think that bts is the cutest boy band in the world?? 🥺🥺🥺🥺💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗💫💫💫💫💜💜💜💜 👇

  11. Mary Downs

    Mary Downs6 годин таму

    Jhope 💝

  12. Esraa Safaya

    Esraa Safaya7 годин таму


  13. Kırçiçeği

    Kırçiçeği7 годин таму

    Ah Hobiii öldürdün beni💞💞

  14. •laxia Trolethium•

    •laxia Trolethium•9 годин таму

    I love you guys so much I can't even imagine my life without you guys bringing her happiness and coloring it with so many new things...but you guys seem to have changed recently. Our relationship is not what it used to be. We became normal idols and fans. I still love you, but you are very busy with us. I appreciate your position and your work, but.... Also, you are now following the American style. I miss your old self... 3>.


    STRAY KİDZ STAY11 годин таму

    Hope sarangheee

  16. amir bessou

    amir bessou11 годин таму

    We need more appreciation and love for our sunshine hobi ❤

  17. Flor Mariza Arenas Olivera

    Flor Mariza Arenas Olivera11 годин таму

    Que lindo mi jhope

  18. milagros890😍

    milagros890😍11 годин таму


  19. EmMa

    EmMa11 годин таму

    You Hope For Me.😇💛

  20. jawhar bahjat

    jawhar bahjat12 годин таму


  21. sᴀɴᴅʀᴀ

    sᴀɴᴅʀᴀ13 годин таму


  22. 김나디

    김나디13 годин таму

    Our hope and sunshine so cute☀️🥺♥️💜🌸🌸✨

  23. Dương Khánh

    Dương Khánh13 годин таму

    anh Hope ngầu lắm trời ơi

  24. كيم مومو

    كيم مومو15 годин таму

    jhope: hi guy I'm j me:hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  25. Nandini Kumari

    Nandini Kumari15 годин таму

    J-hope is looking so cute 💜 💜


    KPOP LENA16 годин таму

    Popular opinion: Jhope is not human, he is an angel. Jhope: I'm your hope your my hope I'm Jhope Me: Love you Jhope. You are my hero and my life.

  27. วรยุทธ สวัสดี

    วรยุทธ สวัสดี16 годин таму


  28. Trudy Jeter

    Trudy Jeter16 годин таму

    Love his hair here too💜

  29. Sikha Kumari

    Sikha Kumari16 годин таму

    He is cuteeee pie 😘

  30. BTS BTS

    BTS BTS16 годин таму

  31. Y k

    Y k20 годин таму

    The hair...the fit , the pose and the man himself..immaculate!😍😍😍

  32. K keepsthem Deva

    K keepsthem Deva20 годин таму


  33. manju oli

    manju oli20 годин таму

    He is bias wrecker.

  34. Yvedee

    Yvedee22 години таму

    So beautiful💜🤩

  35. Little Forrest

    Little Forrest22 години таму

    Hobi, always looking cute and handsome. Keep shining bright 🌞💜

  36. jado

    jadoДзень таму


  37. Zabdy Cortes

    Zabdy CortesДзень таму

    Beautiful man

  38. yaretzi rojas

    yaretzi rojasДзень таму


  39. Minecraft custom battleships:official

    Minecraft custom battleships:officialДзень таму


  40. Andy Quinn

    Andy QuinnДзень таму

    Hermoso mi solecito 🌞💜🤭🖤

  41. 뒤죽박죽

    뒤죽박죽Дзень таму


  42. Amanda Oliveira

    Amanda OliveiraДзень таму

    Your my hope

  43. Alexandra Argueta

    Alexandra ArguetaДзень таму


  44. Bell Assumpção

    Bell AssumpçãoДзень таму

    raio de sol mais lindo

  45. Roseanna _Rs24

    Roseanna _Rs24Дзень таму

    Jhope looks like he's playing Rock music 🎸

  46. Yas Oliva

    Yas OlivaДзень таму


  47. Vitória Moreno

    Vitória MorenoДзень таму

    so beautiful, my sun ✨🤍

  48. Alexandre Gama

    Alexandre GamaДзень таму


  49. dulce lopez

    dulce lopezДзень таму

    Solecito I love

  50. milagros890😍

    milagros890😍Дзень таму

    J hopeee

  51. Victoria Corey

    Victoria CoreyДзень таму


  52. Adalila Alva

    Adalila AlvaДзень таму

    En esta era Butter-PTD, Hobi nos ha deslumbrado, me encanta con ese tono de cabello!!

  53. Ana Clara Alves

    Ana Clara AlvesДзень таму

    너무 아름다워✨😍💜

  54. best jungkookista

    best jungkookistaДзень таму




    This sunshine ☀️ seams to never get dark

  56. N. I

    N. IДзень таму


  57. Arshad Abbas 10 E 17

    Arshad Abbas 10 E 17Дзень таму

    J hope please go with pink hair I like your pink hair

  58. Aslamiyah

    AslamiyahДзень таму

    My hope 💜

  59. بنين بنين

    بنين بنينДзень таму

    BTS 💖💕❤🤩

  60. canal  da  sara   e  mirela

    canal da sara e mirelaДзень таму


  61. canal  da  sara   e  mirela

    canal da sara e mirelaДзень таму


  62. canal  da  sara   e  mirela

    canal da sara e mirelaДзень таму

    Ea mirela fa amo voseis😚😚😍😍😘😗