BTS (방탄소년단) 'Permission to Dance' Balance Game

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  1. Khushboo Kumari

    Khushboo Kumari4 години таму


  2. Candy

    Candy4 години таму

    Love ‘em

  3. 사이안

    사이안4 години таму

    뷔 왜케 귀엽 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 사투리 검나 치인다 🤣🤣🤣

  4. uhhh wolfie

    uhhh wolfie5 годин таму


  5. APrincessA

    APrincessA5 годин таму

    I wish they did the relay dances that other groups do for their songs that would be so fun. Does anyone know why they don't do it🤔

  6. Luz Maria Castañon Tapia

    Luz Maria Castañon Tapia7 годин таму


  7. Roxi Nazareth Contreras arroyo

    Roxi Nazareth Contreras arroyo8 годин таму

    Es normal emocionarse al ver sus vídeos 😭😭😭😭

  8. •laxia Trolethium•

    •laxia Trolethium•9 годин таму

    I love you guys so much I can't even imagine my life without you guys bringing her happiness and coloring it with so many new things...but you guys seem to have changed recently. Our relationship is not what it used to be. We became normal idols and fans. I still love you, but you are very busy with us. I appreciate your position and your work, but.... Also, you are now following the American style. I miss your old self... 3>

  9. Heba Mountassiri

    Heba Mountassiri9 годин таму

    Cuz we don't need promotion to dance

  10. Sheikh Jenifa Akhter

    Sheikh Jenifa Akhter10 годин таму

    Jungkook,taehyong and RM are really so handsome... ;)

  11. 피치

    피치10 годин таму

    얘네 에바임 일케 귀여워도 되는거임?

  12. 서효정

    서효정10 годин таму

    왜케 다들 귀엽냨ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ케ㅣ

  13. Erick morro los compas

    Erick morro los compas10 годин таму

    No entendí nada de lo que estaban ablandando peró me gustó 😊😌

  14. Lee

    Lee10 годин таму


  15. Sticky

    Sticky12 годин таму

    Unnoticed fact: They are standing in alphabetical order

  16. prime world

    prime world12 годин таму

    J hope you are so funny. Jk you tatoo very nice. V why you bad😭. Suga you cute🥰. rm you best. Jin you so loveing 🥰. Jimin you very very very loveing and cute🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  17. Khadija Iqbal

    Khadija Iqbal13 годин таму

    Jimin's moonwalk tho

  18. Legomyy

    Legomyy13 годин таму

    I want to see bts do relay dance at mnet yt


    BTS FOREVER13 годин таму



    I AM A COOKIE13 годин таму

    Yoooo i saw a BTS ad before the video started 💜BTS💜

  21. 광수까꿍

    광수까꿍13 годин таму

    한국인 없냐

  22. 광수까꿍

    광수까꿍13 годин таму

    7:19 from here I can't see anything Because of Jin's shinny face

  23. ᏆℰℬᎯ 🧸🎶

    ᏆℰℬᎯ 🧸🎶14 годин таму

    اني اكرهكم بس آحـبُ:* جيمين

  24. Daryl Semacio

    Daryl Semacio14 годин таму

    Protein! 😂 such a fine taste

  25. wahida daniela

    wahida daniela14 годин таму

    sMoOth liKe JimiN~~

  26. Alibha Bhoi

    Alibha Bhoi14 годин таму

    Big fan of BTS

  27. 홍할머니

    홍할머니14 годин таму

    죠아쓰~~ 😚😘😍

  28. samadhi moksha

    samadhi moksha15 годин таму

    My seven angels.....My seven heroes......😍🤗💜️✨️

  29. World of Little Miss Sonash

    World of Little Miss Sonash15 годин таму

    Mom! I'm on BYpic - *RM* *2021*

  30. Cirendy

    Cirendy15 годин таму

    Special boys 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  31. Nadia Perez

    Nadia Perez15 годин таму

    Todos preciosos 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. 메론론

    메론론15 годин таму

    헐 이거 또 해주세요

  33. 너이기우

    너이기우15 годин таму


  34. Amel Al taee

    Amel Al taee16 годин таму

    😂I look at dancing and not speech


    MINJOO KIM16 годин таму

    같은 세대라서 너무 좋당 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 마지막에 동질감느끼잖아옄ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  36. Driss Chikh

    Driss Chikh17 годин таму

    نحن الأرمي العرب نحبكم كثييييراااا

  37. Kim KAMI 💫

    Kim KAMI 💫17 годин таму

    أول عربية ✨💜

  38. 홍길동

    홍길동17 годин таму

    4:26 난또 bank 은행말하는 줄 알았네

  39. 봄봄

    봄봄17 годин таму

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아 뷔 찰지네진짜

  40. Jenny's Fandoms

    Jenny's Fandoms17 годин таму

    The man with a 148 IQ said ignorance is bliss, huh?

  41. Shankarshan Bhoi

    Shankarshan Bhoi17 годин таму

    I think you sw this in english

  42. SaRiaka

    SaRiaka18 годин таму

    Awww it was fun 😄

  43. Aknur Malikova

    Aknur Malikova18 годин таму

    Чон будто взрослый мужик 👀

  44. وتين الزبير

    وتين الزبير18 годин таму


  45. Klum Klum

    Klum Klum18 годин таму


  46. Klum Klum

    Klum Klum18 годин таму


  47. حسن الناصري

    حسن الناصري19 годин таму

    가능한 아랍어 번역 🥺💔

  48. 에스더**

    에스더**20 годин таму

    에고~~귀여워 다들 예뻐서 미치겠다

  49. 크크크쿠

    크크크쿠20 годин таму

    김석진 왤케 잘생겻냐 욕나오네

  50. Min yoonji

    Min yoonji21 годину таму

    I want to know jungkook's waist size,,how tiny is it?

  51. 94 quartet

    94 quartet22 години таму

    귀엽고 재미있다.''

  52. keromilk

    keromilk22 години таму

    i was waving at my laptop at the end and jk waves back wtf I've never felt so seen before lmao

  53. Abhinandha Sunil

    Abhinandha Sunil22 години таму

    I want to see you 💜💜💜 Its my dream💜 Please replay me bts Love you all💜 I want to see you Bts💜💜😂😔

  54. Ahmad Tahir

    Ahmad Tahir23 години таму

    J hope going to dancing

  55. 각기별땅

    각기별땅23 години таму


  56. すず

    すず23 години таму

    DA PUMPのUSA、、、?

  57. 은찬이

    은찬이23 години таму

    이런거 진짜 재밌다 또 해주세요

  58. 정찡찡

    정찡찡Дзень таму


  59. It'sMeAbhi

    It'sMeAbhiДзень таму

    I did the permission to dance challenge I will be glad if u check it out

  60. Ivanna Mendoza

    Ivanna MendozaДзень таму

    My cute oldies

  61. mmim

    mmimДзень таму


  62. Angie Castrillón

    Angie CastrillónДзень таму


  63. Vanshika Mann

    Vanshika MannДзень таму

    Suga again being grandpa by saying WE DIDN'T HAVE THESE THINGS IN OUR DAYS !!

  64. Viviana Lucia Martinez Romero

    Viviana Lucia Martinez RomeroДзень таму


  65. letspodup

    letspodupДзень таму

    Tae on 28th anniversary "45" years young💜

  66. Michelle Spurr

    Michelle SpurrДзень таму

    I love ppl be u be yourself

  67. mendie bts army

    mendie bts armyДзень таму

    I can't understand what they're choosing😭

  68. Spring 27

    Spring 27Дзень таму


  69. Vsvi V

    Vsvi VДзень таму

    I purple you 💜💜

  70. abibi

    abibiДзень таму

    Yoongi: *Is this what kids these days do?* Me:dUDE AKBSKSNS ಥ‿ಥ

  71. Shantae Allen

    Shantae AllenДзень таму

    1:14 yesssss finally soomeone who agrees although i've fasted for 32 hours straight

  72. Gabriela Figueredo

    Gabriela FigueredoДзень таму

    Estoy en BYpic HAHAHAHAHAHA


    ONEUS TOMOONДзень таму

    Jhope, RM, and Suga look so fine 🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥


    ONEUS TOMOONДзень таму

    Not the subtitles being small than my nails 💀💀

  75. Mid e

    Mid eДзень таму


  76. Mid e

    Mid eДзень таму

    대한민국의 보물 방탄소년단 항상응원합니다 👍

  77. Erlem Moreira

    Erlem MoreiraДзень таму

    Eu estou completamente apaixonada, rsrs,sempre fui!Bangtan I LOVE YOU!!!!

  78. 주우

    주우Дзень таму

    뷔 사투리 치인다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 머시마 까리하노

  79. Laxita khandelwal

    Laxita khandelwalДзень таму


  80. 브라이

    브라이Дзень таму

    와~~~넘 재밌다~^^ 굿!~♥ 아미들과 환갑잔치ㅋㅋ~~~꼭 이루어진당!!👍

  81. 썽ssung

    썽ssungДзень таму

    아 이번 정국님...ㅋㅋ 머리 너무 잘어울려서..설레여 이럼 안되는데 ㅋㅋㅋ

  82. 황지영

    황지영Дзень таму

    뷔 오늘 컨셉 상남자아이가!!! ㅋㅋㅋ

  83. 아미라진

    아미라진Дзень таму

    아 진짜 김석진 겁나 귀엽네ㅜㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅜ 으애

  84. Arti Permata

    Arti PermataДзень таму

    방탄 손 옌단 x 아미

  85. 아미라진

    아미라진Дзень таму

    이걸 공식에서 하는구만...

  86. fatoom& فطوم

    fatoom& فطومДзень таму

    I love you jungkook

  87. Sarah Donovan

    Sarah DonovanДзень таму

    Kookie and Tae be looking SO FINE!! Lawd ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  88. 남쥬낰

    남쥬낰Дзень таму

    디너쇼든 환갑이든 뭐든 환영💜💜

  89. 노란초링

    노란초링Дзень таму

    지민옵은 큐티섹시💛😘 핸썸큐티 둘다🐣

  90. Do a Barrel Roll!

    Do a Barrel Roll!Дзень таму

    It is so obvious that they controlled them until which option to choose😂 they look so fake

  91. starry night

    starry nightДзень таму

    what?? they're just choosing what they like lol it's not rocket science

  92. 연하

    연하Дзень таму

    6:16 여기 완전 본인들 mbti 따라간다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 왼쪽 j 오른쪽 p

  93. Alexandra Velasquez

    Alexandra VelasquezДзень таму

    Amo su forma de ser

  94. Tuana Kajtazi

    Tuana KajtaziДзень таму


  95. Nimia Rodríguez

    Nimia RodríguezДзень таму