BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Butter’ Jacket Preview Clip - V

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  1. Maria tayna Tayna

    Maria tayna TaynaГодину таму

    Meu tigre lindo

  2. Flávio Rodrigues Vieira

    Flávio Rodrigues VieiraГодину таму


  3. We are the children

    We are the childrenГодину таму

    Taehyung the most kind hearted person in the world. He deserves all the love in the world. Let's give our love and support for him and protect him against the evil people.

  4. VIVI Vivi

    VIVI ViviГодину таму


  5. Rochelle Ballera

    Rochelle BalleraГодину таму

    Very handsome, charismatic, attractive, beautiful, talented, any any angle no wasted film. Model are shaking..

  6. itzel guerrero

    itzel guerreroГодину таму


  7. itzel guerrero

    itzel guerreroГодину таму

    Te adoro osito 💕

  8. TrusFrated

    TrusFrated2 години таму

    Think about what is going on in the camera men's Heart 👁️👄👁️🥵🥵🥵🥵

  9. Andrea Celeste

    Andrea Celeste3 години таму


  10. Andrea Celeste

    Andrea Celeste3 години таму

    k 144

  11. 박하연

    박하연3 години таму

    어뜨케 사람이 저렇게 생길수가 있지.. 꽁지머리의 끝판왕이다..! 잘생겼다~

  12. yanina Martinez

    yanina Martinez3 години таму


  13. Mohideen Badhusha

    Mohideen Badhusha3 години таму

    Bor you so pretty and all people pretty 💜💜💜

  14. 6.BDanna salome sanchez Martinez

    6.BDanna salome sanchez Martinez4 години таму

  15. Дамехан Торежанова

    Дамехан Торежанова4 години таму

    Beautiful Taehyung

  16. Daniele Mota

    Daniele Mota4 години таму


  17. 심민서

    심민서5 годин таму

    와...존잘남 납시오!

  18. Winter Bear

    Winter Bear6 годин таму

    Tan perfecto

  19. Kawaii sparkles♡♡  :D

    Kawaii sparkles♡♡ :D6 годин таму

    ASAP UTSA is the most adorable boy band?🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💜💜💜💜💖💗💗💖💫💫💫💫

  20. Nina Ian

    Nina Ian6 годин таму

    VTaehyung The best always

  21. MALOKA

    MALOKA7 годин таму

    ترى ماكو هيج جماااالللل😭😭💜 🇮🇶♥️

  22. かん吉

    かん吉7 годин таму


  23. Kırçiçeği

    Kırçiçeği8 годин таму

    Uzun saçlı V ✌ müthiş uyum😍😍

  24. 싸리꽃 둥이♡

    싸리꽃 둥이♡8 годин таму

    Beautiful Taehyung

  25. darwin nuñez

    darwin nuñez9 годин таму


  26. a human

    a human9 годин таму

    I love you v 😍

  27. •laxia Trolethium•

    •laxia Trolethium•9 годин таму

    I love you guys so much I can't even imagine my life without you guys bringing her happiness and coloring it with so many new things...but you guys seem to have changed recently. Our relationship is not what it used to be. We became normal idols and fans. I still love you, but you are very busy with us. I appreciate your position and your work, but.... Also, you are now following the American style. I miss your old self... 3>.

  28. **Evelyn **

    **Evelyn **10 годин таму

    The most beautiful man in the whole world💜💜💜

  29. net lpc

    net lpc11 годин таму

    damn 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Clau Backes

    Clau Backes12 годин таму

    OMG 💜

  31. Rania BIJJI

    Rania BIJJI12 годин таму

    V is so cute ❤❤❤❤💕💖💖

  32. Марет Магамаева

    Марет Магамаева12 годин таму


  33. Shaki Aloo Jesudoss

    Shaki Aloo Jesudoss12 годин таму


  34. Kim Rys

    Kim Rys13 годин таму

    Ohhhhhh Rockstar Taehyung melts my heart

  35. VIVI Vivi

    VIVI Vivi14 годин таму


  36. Catherine

    Catherine14 годин таму

    Just luv him I just luv him 오빠!!!!!^^

  37. Md Shahin Alom

    Md Shahin Alom15 годин таму

    V I'm your bast friend

  38. Azaria Render

    Azaria Render15 годин таму

    The bad boy lollipop again

  39. Some Necessary

    Some Necessary15 годин таму

    Well BH for increasing Jungkook's view. Atlast the plan succeeds

  40. Sikha Kumari

    Sikha Kumari16 годин таму

    He is very cute and sweet ❤️

  41. BTS BTS

    BTS BTS17 годин таму

  42. Tanisha Sultana

    Tanisha Sultana17 годин таму

    His visuals are no joke. ☺️☺️

  43. Noa Wesseling

    Noa Wesseling17 годин таму


  44. VIVI Vivi

    VIVI Vivi18 годин таму

    Love you taetae

  45. Kumari Priya Singh

    Kumari Priya Singh18 годин таму

    Keep streaming Taehyung all songs

  46. Your Name

    Your Name18 годин таму

    Guys Taehyung did well all the way from past to present Let's appreciate him and his talents and his hard works If you see the comment then Go and leave beautiful comments under taehyung songs, fancam blogs lives Borahae dears

  47. M’s maryam,

    M’s maryam,18 годин таму

    نضرات تاي ذبحتني

  48. Gana Jepril

    Gana Jepril18 годин таму

    Love you my v ❤️❤️🤞🏻💐😭😘😘😍💋😍😘💋😍😘💋😍😘😘😘😘😘😍😘

  49. rofik hidayatulloh

    rofik hidayatulloh19 годин таму

    수 귀여운 bts는 군대에서 당신을 사랑합니다 💜

  50. 김승웅

    김승웅19 годин таму

    댓글이 전부 영어나 외국어냐 ㅋㅋ 아~ 이런기분 너무좋타

  51. السيد الصعيدى

    السيد الصعيدى20 годин таму

    My full moon V 😘✨

  52. Love Pandit

    Love Pandit20 годин таму


  53. md omor

    md omor20 годин таму

    love you v